Welcome to the Cougar Business Network!

Listing your Cougar-owned or -managed business is FREE to all current members in the WSU Alumni Association. If you would like to list your business, but are not yet a member, you can join today by calling 1-800-ALUM-WSU or join online.

If you are a WSUAA member and do not qualify for the CBN, then we encourage you to register to be included in the CBN Affiliates listing.

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Q: I’ve previously registered. Why doesn’t my listing appear in the CBN?
A: You’re not a current member of the WSU Alumni Association. Join today and your listing will be approved.

If you have questions or need assistance with the Cougar Business Network, please contact the WSU Alumni Association at wsuaa@wsu.edu.


Cougar-owned or -managed businesses are defined as businesses clearly owned by alumni or friends of WSU, or a business where alumni are the principal executive(s) in a leadership role. Businesses in question will be reviewed and considered by the WSUAA Executive Committee. The WSUAA reserves the right to determine if a business is deemed appropriate for the WSU alumni audience.